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BroadMesse International was founded in 2005, and is currently headquartered in ZhangJiang High-Tech Park, Pudong district, Shanghai. BroadMesse has hundreds of employees, its own Culture and Technology Industrial Park and a Culture and Technology Museum. It includes 12 major cultural and creative design institutes and science and technology R&D institutes.


  • Opportunity for company establishment Seizing the strategic opportunity of going public Official establishment of BroadMesse International after WTO R&D Center setup Focusing on R&D of intelligent display technology


  • Outstanding performance Named an flagship of China's export growth by CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade)


  • Technological development It is proposed to set up a number of R&D centers following the global strategy of "portraying China with technology and culture" -Integrated R&D system includes AI, big data, cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies


  • Rapid expansion R&D center merges with Culture and Technology Research Institutes Interconnected Museum R&D Center undertaking multiple major projects for the Ministry of Culture


  • Business development Research and development of big data cloud platform based on Artificial Intelligence Marching into smart tourism industry undertaking Suzhou key cultural projects, such as Yujia village, Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition, Beijing Science Center and other major projects


  • Global layout Becoming a national high-tech enterprise Starting to set up branches in China Carrying out nationwide development


  • Cultural exchange Becoming One Belt, One Road key partner enterprise UNESCO project in Paris, France China cultural exhibition hall, Shanxi science and Technology Museum and other national cultural projects Continuously strengthening scientific and technological research and development


  • Mature business model Setting up international curatorial and IP operations Division Developing core technology for smart Museum Building a global IP operation platform Land acquisition in ZhangJiang High-Tech Park New HQ building construction

2017 -

  • Strengthening the strategy of "science and technology + culture" Strengthening the planning, design, construction and operation of cultural, touristic and creative exhibitions taking high-quality operation as company’s main goal establishing relations with partners to further strengthen and grow the enterprise Global IP operations based on multi-cultural exchange and mutual learning

Global platform

Founded in Germany, BroadMesse international established a global services`network, which covers 180 countries and regions, providing high quality design and manufacturing services to museums, expos and events for more than 1000 organizations and brands worldwide.


International talents team

BroadMesse International unites various cultural backgrounds talents and experts in the fields of science, technology, design, operations, etc.


Innovative R&D

Thanks to the two research institutes and collaboration projects with well-known universities, BroadMesse can focus on the most advanced technologies: AI, 5G, Big Data, Cloud computation and Blockchain, mobile display, touring exhibition and cultural tourism tech, art installation and digital artwork, multi-media content and its integration.


Highest qualifications

BroadMesse International is proud to possess comprehensive qualification certificates in the fields of culture and technology in Europe, America and China, and is determine to build a global leading position.


Culture Technology

Creative design & Technology

We are dedicated the integration of culture and technology, established in house R&D, applying AI display technologies, 5G+interaction experiences, Cloud computation, art installation and digital artwork, etc.

Global operations

Worldwide Operation

We are working with partners from all over the world, have done many successful cases such as World Horticultural Exposition Qingdao, International Garden Expo Nanning and Suzhou fisher man scenic village that perfectly combine culture and tourism.

Cultural exhibitions

World Touring Exhibitions and Culture- derived products

Working with Partners, BroadMesse is able to fulfill the aim of exchange touring projects such as pavilion of Chinese Culture at UNESCO Paris, Shanxi Pavilions traveling 20 countries and so on.

International Exhibitions for brands and Culture

International Show

To enhance mutual learning among civilizations and promotepeople-to-people and cultural exchanges, We do one-stop services such as design, R & D, exhibition, communication and operation of global booths, digital exhibition halls, corporate experience halls, corporate museums, cultural promotion, and brand relative activities for all kinds of enterprises.

Cultural Projects

Culture Show

Provide one-stop services such as planning, design, implementation, operation, IP development for various public cultural venues which including Museums, Science and technology Museum, Tourist Centre, Cultural and Art Festivals, IP Touring exhibitions and Global Fairs and so on.

Science & Technology R & D

Technology Show

BroadMesse independently develops 8 technologies, namely AI + deep technology, 5G+ interactive experience, big data, cloud computing and block chain, mobile phone display, IP operation, cultural and travel technology, art installation and digital art, multimedia content and hardware integration, etc. These technologies provide customized solutions for popular science and industrial science & technology to realize the demonstration of technology with technology.

BroadMesse is a metaverse ,immersive experience and all kinds of exhibition solution provider for permanent museums, showrooms ,tradefairs,and industrial applications. With our first-class scientific and technological R&D strength and more than designers, we focus on metaverse culture spaces, VR / AR / XR, 5G, AI, big data, digital film and TV making, performing arts, digital cultural tourism, expos, exhibitions, festivals, and a large number of international cultural and creative IP, which ensures a very high customer satisfaction.

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